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Paul McCartney on the cover of TIME 1976 with art by Peter Max.
Being places like this makes me feel genuinely happy and content. What is wrong with me am I like seventy years old 👴❤️🌿🌳💐🌺🌸
buhdsfuidhfs : Have you seen these videos by Elliot Rodger and/or read into him at all?


I have not seen his videos, nor do I really want to because I’ve seen bits of the transcript and excerpts from his manifesto and I genuinely think it would make me too angry. And the reason for the anger isn’t because I think it’s such a disturbed pattern of thinking, it’s because it’s such a common pattern of thinking and this is the end result. 

And whats even more infuriating are how people are responding to it - already on my facebook women who have posted about it, and the obvious issue of societal misogyny that it brings up, are being attacked with the incessant ‘not all men’ rhetoric. I even saw someone call the guy an ‘outlier’ and ‘mentally ill’ and that that’s the entire foundation of the crime. We do not live in the vacuum, and I have heard the arguments that Elliot Rodger’s made in his videos and his ‘manifestos’ countless times. Not to mention the public’s reaction to the crime completely reveals just how deep and insidiously this misogyny really runs.

And I quote, from youtube comments you can find here:

"Any of you girls could have prevented this"

"This is why girls should be encouraged to do one charity bang per month"

"I feel no pity for the victims nor their families"

"Gotta feel for him, all he wanted was pussy"

"See girls this is what you get for treating nice guys like shit”

"I hope you women see this as a lesson"

"I don’t blame guns. I blame blondes for this one"

And there are many, many more.

An amazing woman I follow on here and on twitter pointed out that if he had been any other colour but white, this would have been considered a terror attack. And to be honest, I personally do consider it a terror attack, seeing as the response has been ‘see, this is what you get’, seeing as the attack was literally based on an aggressive hate-filled rhetoric and ideology that was used to inspire fear in a group of people. 

Blaming it on mental illness completely ignores the very obvious cultural and societal influences on this man, not to mention it horrendously stigmatises the mentally ill - and completely overlooks the overwhelming violence women endure that is not the direct result of mental illness. The vast majority of violent offenders I deal with do not commit offences because they’re mentally ill, it’s a massive oversimplification but a convenient one when you’re trying to avoid pointing the finger at yourself.

And the quote that I keep seeing appear on my dashboard and my twitter feed since this has happened, which I’m going to regurgitate here is:

“Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.”

-Margaret Atwood

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Grandma’s Garden

80s airbrush art

Martin Bauendahl

La Tarrasque (1874) by Charles Lepec "La Tarrasque" was a legendary dragon from Provence (southern France) tamed by Saint Martha.

witch wife by edna st vincent millay

Hope Gangloff