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John Everett Millais,Ophelia (detail) 1852.


i’m not a bee scientist. let’s be clear, i’m not a beeologist. i’m not a master of bees. i didn’t graduate from bee university. universibee is not a place i graduated from. still, that said - and true - i feel like these bees perhaps aren’t “killers”. seems to me that if it takes 750,000 of you to take down one human, then your title of “killer” ought to be revoked. botherer bees, perhaps. nuisance bees. killer bees? unlikely. then again, as i say, i’m not a doctor of bees. i didn’t write a book called A to Bee to Z. just my two cents. my two cents which, admittedly, aren’t that valuable due to my lack of bee credentials. i would estimate these two cents to be worth around two cents. not much is it? you couldn’t even buy one bee with that. probably.

how would u kno how many bees u can buy for 2 cents? U did not study bee financial laws


Sasha Pivovarova Vogue Paris February 2011 by Mario Sorrenti